The Little Legend

I cannot believe that the Little Legend is 4 years old with a fierce attitude. Sawyer is doing amazing he started at his new school and is loving every minute of it…..once he gets there! We are so lucky he goes to such a welcoming loving school. Every day the kids stop Sawyer in the hall and ask him for a hug they want to learn about why he uses a cane and how his day is. As a mom, this makes school so much easier for me knowing that he is safe and loved and so well received! Sawyer is doing amazing with his cane walking I am so proud of him! We have been so lucky to have the most amazing teacher of the visually impaired and Orientation and Mobility therapist helping with his journey. Of course, we still have the ups and downs with all his hormone issues but we have been so fortunate and working endlessly to keep this boy healthy!

We recently traveled to a doctor in Kentucky and cannot wait to share all the progress we are hoping to have with Sawyer from his treatments! Sawyer is a typical 4-year-old toddler who definitely likes to be in charge! This past year we started swim lessons that he absolutely loves more than anything! Sawyer loves the park and swings if he could live at the park I think he would! Sawyer also loves his family more than anything especially his two cousins Kenzie and baby Madison! I am beyond proud of how much Sawyer has had to grow up this year and I cannot wait to see how many more achievements this year he has in him! I am going to start giving more updates and ideas to other parents who may need some ideas on doctors, therapies, and other forms of entertainment when handling visually impaired youth. And remember everyone walks by faith, not by sight!


We are also so excited that Sawyer was picked as a candidate for the companion dog program through Southeast Guide Dogs for the blind! This program will help teach Sawyer responsibility of taking care of a dog building the bridge to a future guide dog! We love our new addition more than anything her name is Sheba! She has been such a joy and help to Sawyer already she loves to snuggle, eat and play ball!

If you are interested in your program to sponsor a puppy every month. Click on the link below to learn more.


The Little Legend

The Little Legend Foundation is a nonprofit organization for youth with visual impairments and disabilities. Our mission is to inspire the visually impaired youth through athletics, education, involvement and teamwork. Our foundation allows children with visual impairments to be apart of a large community striving to better their lives, while bringing normalcy into their sightless world.

The Little Legend Foundation was inspired by Sawyer Glynn who was born legally blind. Sawyer is changing the world with everyone he meets and we feel the obligation to help change even more lives through this foundation. We want to give Sawyer and children like him the best opportunity to learn and play sports in a safe, fun environment.

Our Amazing Team

Catie Glynn
Founder / President
Jared Glynn
Board Member
Gerald P. Glynn
Board Member
Maggie Glynn
Board Member
Emily Glynn
Board Member
Pat Aiezza
Board Member
Molly Fitzgerald
Board Member
Kareen Aboul Hosn
Board Member
Mike Reardon
Board Member
John Norris
Board Member
Jamie D’Ingianni
Board Member
Bruce Jordan
Board Member

Camp Abilities of North Florida

Camp Abilities is a camp that offers sports, arts and crafts, fishing, and many other fun activities for children with visual impairment.

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