Sawyers Trip

Medjugorje with Stella Mar Pilgrimages


When Sawyer was very little a good friend of ours told me about how this film company was giving away a trip to Medjugorje. I applied and we are so lucky to have had our family and friends and a whole community of people vote for Sawyer. I was overwhelmed by all the love from so many for our little guy to possibly have the chance to go to the holy land of Medjugorje. The week of the drawing Sawyer was very sick in the hospital, so my mind was elsewhere. Cam had finally fallen asleep on the couch from a long week of up and down in the hospital, and I got an email that evening. A minute later I’m kicking Cam and silently(never wake a sick sleeping baby EVER!) screaming SAWYER WON SAWYER WON! We had picked a date in 2016 for the fall we were ready to go…. Well, this little boy had different plans in 2016 Sawyer was too sick to go… and also in 2017 and 2018, his little body was not able to travel for that extensive trip. We were still determined to go and take our guy to this amazing place and give him all the opportunities the land has to offer for him.


We finally made our trek to Bosnia Herzegovina to the town of Medugorje in September 2019. Our whole family was able to make the trip with us, making it that much more special for us all the get to experience this together. This trip was truly unbelievable. For the first time since Sawyer was born, I feel like my whole family was able to just relax and enjoy him as a little boy. No worries, no doctors no problem! Sawyer was the happiest little boy over there he was constantly smiling, quiet in church and just enjoyed himself especially with the puppies in the yard across from us.

There was an overwhelming sense of peace I felt as a mother the entire time knowing Sawyer was okay. My mind wasn’t constantly worrying if he was feeling okay or if he had a fever. It was so special watching him have a good time with my family and so many new friends we met during our pilgrimage. The trip flew by Sawyer was asked to go onto Apparition Hill during the apparition of the blessed Mother with the visionary Mirjana. What an experience something that we never have felt before. Sawyer also got to spend some time with Mirjana one on one and it was so beautiful watching him with her. Going through Stella Mar and getting to experience all that this wonderful land has to offer was unbelievable. Sawyer is quite the 4-year-old and doing so well the blessed Mother has her eye and hands constantly watching over our boy! I cannot wait for our next trip to Medjugorje!

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