Camp Abilities

Video of the original vision of the camp.

Video of the camp we volunteer at.

Camp Abilities is a developmental sports camp for students who are blind and visually impaired that was started twenty years ago in Brockport, New York. This camp has provided valuable learning experiences to its campers that they would not receive elsewhere. The camp was founded on four main purposes; 1) to teach children who are visually impaired how to access sports and recreation and empower them to know what modifications to make so that they can do them at home, 2) to teach current and future teacher of physical education, vision or special educations, “how to teach kids with visual impairments,” 3) research pertaining to individuals who are visually impaired physical fitness, nutrition, parent involvement, inclusion and attitudes, 4) and lastly, respite and support for parents of children who are visually impaired.

We have had the honor to sponsor all campers for the past 2 years and this summer 2020 will be the third year. These kids, teachers, and volunteers are truly amazing human beings who make such an impact on these kids starting at such young ages. The friendships these campers build are life long, they love that there is a place that they can be themselves and also have other kids who totally understand what the day to day life is like for a visually impaired kid. It is also such an amazing opportunity for parents to get a break and also for kids to just be kids! It has been The Little Legends’ favorite thing every year getting to be a part of this wonderful Community.

We are excited to announce we will be starting a camp down in the Tampa area summer 2021 so that is something we can all look forward to. We will be sending updates and also be looking for volunteers and sponsors when the time comes! So please reach out if you want to be a part of our camp!

Want to a sign-up to sponsor a camper for this year’s camp or sponsor a meal for camp this summer?

The camp is July 10th-14th. Send us a message at the link below to inquire about being a sponsor.

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